Rev Trevor Whyne

Welcome to Word of Life Theological College (WoLTC

If you want to communicate something simply you need to understand it profoundly.

You may have recently become a Christian. You may have been a Christian for many years. But either way, you may have many unanswered questions about the Christian faith. It is not strange to have questions – we are dealing with a God who is beyond our understanding, after all – but many Christians long for an opportunity to think more about the questions, find answers and delve more deeply into the faith they have.

Maybe you have embarked on a new era of Christian service – leading a small group or pastorate. Whatever aspect of practical Christian work you are involved in, you may feel you need a greater understanding of the Christian faith to help know what to say or deepen your appreciation of what you are doing.

Perhaps you often find yourself in conversations about the Christian faith with those who don’t believe it; and you’ve found yourself stuck for words, wishing you knew more.

If any of these describe you, or even if you just want to explore your faith more deeply for its own sake, then the Word of Life Theological College (WoLTC) may be just what you are looking for.

WoLTC will train you to make a real difference. We offer a training that is not a quick fix but will set you up for life. It will help you to analyse and understand, to wrestle with God’s revealed truths and communicate them effectively, with loving compassion.

Our mission is to equip people well to serve Christ. We believe that deep study of the scripture and engaging with related contemporary academic disciplines help us with the task of ministry and mission. WoLTC is designed to equip believers for effective service and godly leadership within the church and community.

WoLTC will equip you not only with the necessary information to think theologically, but also the skills required to go on and apply what you’ve learnt.

Rev Trevor Whyne,